une campagne de sensibilisation aux obstacles À l’engagement des jeunes femmes

Au cours des prochaines semaines, découvrez-en davantage
sur cette initiative imaginée par les jeunes, pour les jeunes.

Thematic 1


Women's temperament stereotypes, under-representation and the lack of support measures for parents contribute to discourage women from engaging in our political institutions.

In order to jump–start the campaign #BecauseIAmAWoman, this theme focuses on the place given to women in our political institutions.

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Thematic 2


Lack of support and limited media coverage of women's sports are barriers to engaging young women in our sports teams.

The #BecauseIAmAWoman campaign analyses the place given to women’s sports and its impact on girls’ engagement

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Thematic 3


Double standards, discrimination and undermining women in workplaces are obstacles to their commitment and their personal development in the job market.

For this third theme, the #BecauseIAmAWoman campaign portrays the many challenges women have to face in order to earn their living.

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Thématique 4


Lack of consideration for female candidates and the pressure of family responsibilities hinder women's involvement in leadership roles

To conclude the #BecauseIAmAWoman campaign on a high note, this theme specifies the causes of the under-representation of women in management positions.

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